Thursday, May 6, 2010


A domestic male might be someone who has cleaned his car...once. Yes, one time in the past four or five years. I'm an artist, and I travel a lot, and I don't have a lot of time to vacuum upholstery. That's my story. When I finally cleaned it, I kicked its ass!

He might do dishes or fold an errant blanket. For sure he'll cook up a storm for the most random of occasions, especially for a movie party where people will eat their fill of chipotle salsa and piles of various meats. With all of this domesticity comes a way of life, and with that a language to describe it.

Cooking is an amazing skill to have, and it doesn't make a man less masculine. On the contrary, it's becoming more and more common for men to cook. Now I'm not saying that a man who cooks has to be using insane spices, beer and pork in every other recipe as stated on Aldenteblog. I could care less about testosterone-related ingredient choices. But I'm saying that a man can be sensitive, whip up a mean Quinoa, and relax at night reading a scholarly article on the contemporary nature of printed multiples. (Sorry for the print nerd reference.) I'm not worried to say that a squirrel I saw was cute, but when it popped into my head my first thought was, "Aw, what a badass little guy!" That's where I'm coming from. Now I'm going to go make a spicy egg sandwich!

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  1. hey, have you heard of (this is G Gregustopher here) Otomen? I saw this story on NPR when I was going through a fascination with Japanese culture phase.

    Otomen - Japanese herbivore men. They're not gay, but they are metro, vegan, into deserts, and scared of women. My favorite quote of this is "Woman are so scary now." what a dork.

    anyway, Japan always takes shit to perverted extremes. In America dudes have been cooking within a framework of normal social and cultural respect ever since I can remember. Hell, ... anyway, just thought I'd mention it because this shift towards the culinary seems to be undergoing some sort of coordinated global shift simultaneously.