Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Domestic Male should take care of his mind and body

As we work around the house, and keep things clean, cook, and maintain the homestead, it's important to maintain ourselves physically. This year I'm doing my first sprint triathlon. It's a short version of what a full iron man is. A 5k run, half mile swim, and around 15mi bike. Unfortunately I'm broke and can't afford a gym, so I'm working out at home to prepare for this spring's race. I have a treadmill and I do pushups, hand stands, and core exercises. What I find is also great is shoveling snow. I feel like Rocky Balboa running up mountains, and it's turning out to be a great strength workout, and it keeps my driveway usable. So if you want to keep yourself sane in between house chores and making soup, do what you can where you are to keep fit. Below is a great training video. I'm going to go carry a log somewhere.

Rocky Snow Training Video

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