Sunday, February 14, 2010

One ingredient to start...

So why am I blogging about food? What makes my food worth writing about, or reading for that matter?

Well, the way I see it, everyone has food in their fridge. It seems like there is always a lot of random stuff that people forget they have. It might be meat that got frozen and forgotten about. Maybe it's seasonal vegetables or pie crust, or even a brisket that a friend gave you for free legal work. Whatever these things are, we all have our own variety, and I have chosen to make it my personal challenge to take these things, found in my parents packed fridge and freezer, and to make something great from them. It might not always work out, but then a cook can learn a lot about failed attempts at making a new dish. Practice counts in everything. So hopefully as I experiment, as I choose an ingredient around which I can build a meal, I'll gain insight into synchronizing different foods and seasonings.

Each dish is based on a found first ingredient.

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